Breiðuvík. Accommodation: 33 sleeping bags
. Operating time: Closed and locked during winter, wardens during summer
. Telephone: No telephone
. GPS: N65°27.830-W13°40.286
. Other facilities: Wood stove for heating. Gas stove for cooking. Toilets and shower.  Camping place, coal grill (but no coals)

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Booking terms for cottages

Payment Information: 

Guests will be charged 100% of the total amount (20% is non-refundable confirmation fee).

Cancellation terms are as follows:

More than 25 days before arrival: All amount refunded except the confirmation fee.

20-25 days before arrival: 80% of the amount is refunded except for the confirmation fee.

15-20 days before arrival: 50% of the amount is refunded except for the confirmation fee.

Cancellation less than 15 days before arrival: no refund. 

Security codes

Disclaimer: Ferðafélag Fljótsdalshéraðs promises the costumer to keep all information confidential in the process. Information from the buyer will not be disclosed to a third party under any circumstances. 

Legal Juristdiction: This agreement is in accordance with Icelandic law. Any court case against it shall be brought forward to the Distric Court of East Iceland.