Our Hiking Treasures

We have a great variety of hiking options for hikers to explore. Our Hiking Treasures consits of 28 trails in our region Fljótsdalshérað and Fljótsdalshreppur. There is something for everybody, longer hikes, short ones, waterfalls and mountains to name a few. Our hiking lottery is also a fun game to take part in, at each destination a tubular container/cylinder holds information and a unique stamp made for each location. Hikers can then buy specially made Treasures lottery cards to bring along on their hike and then stamp the card at the chosen destination. Travellers can buy the Treasure cards at the Touring Clubs Office at Tjarnarás 8, in Egilsstaðastofa Visitor Center at the campsite and at the Tourist Information Centre. Hikers then turn the cards in at the Touring Clubs office or at Egilsstaðastofa when they have finished with at least 9 stamps and then they have successfully joined the lottery. The draw takes place every year in September and participants can win awards.  

This link takes you directly to our Hiking Treasure brochure:



Landsendi is one of the Hiking Treasures. Amazing views. 


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